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Solid(arity) Volunteering Conference - Solidalciti Final Project Conference

The Solid(arity) Volunteering conference is part, as Closing Conference, of the Europe for Citizens project SolidalCiti - Solidarity Alliance for Citizen Engagement across Europe (2018-2019). SolidAlCiti focuses on building new transnational models of local volunteering development, particularly in emergency situations and in rural areas. The project outline is composed by three national events organised by partner organisations in Romania, Greece and Bosnia and an European event in Brussels organised by CEV.

The conference, taking place at the Jacques Brel Hostel in Brussels on June 18th 2019, will focus on three aspects: Volunteering and migrants; volunteering in times of crisis; volunteering and youth.
The conference will be followed by a Networking Apertiif.
Register now for the Solidalciti Conference and secure your limited edition ticket to the after-conference networking aperitif with music from #EUSupergirl and #BohemianHoliday

Drink and charity donations vouchers & prize draw tickets to be distributed at 16:00 at the conference and the venue for the networking announced!

08:30 - 10:15
Tour of the European Quarter Brussels - Getting to know the European Institutions.

Registration and welcome coffee

Presentation of the Programme and Opening

11:15 - 11:30
Keynote Presentation Professor Lucas Meijs

11:30 -12:30
Introductory Panel Discussion with EC (DG HOME), CoR & EP Representatives.
Presentation of Solidaciti project outcomes & results.

Lunch Break with Aperitif:
Padova European Capital of Volunteering 2020 Spritz &
Music from #EUSuperGirl Madeleina Kay

Parallel Sessions Including Coffee Break.

1 Room Magritte: Volunteering, Migrants & Media
How are migrants and the volunteers that assist them portrayed in the media? What, if anything needs to be changed? How can media professionals contribute to the social inclusion of migrants and further maximise the support offered by volunteers. Expert input from: Illustrator Madeleina Kay; Sans-Papiers TV; Ethelon.

2 Room Plat Pays: Volunteering, Crisis & Management
How do volunteers in crisis situations need to managed? Is this different from regular situations? What are the legal implications of volunteering in crisis situations where saving a life can be counter to the Legal Framework? Expert input from: Plateforme Citoyenne de Soutien aux Réfugiés (TBC); Driver+ Project Partner (TBC); Red Cross Novo Sarajevo/BRAVO; Sodalis CSV Salerno

3 Room Delvaux: Volunteering, Youth & Motivation
How can young people be best motivated to volunteer? What can be the role of social media influencers in this? What is the role of established organisations?
Expert Input from: Red Cross Belgium (TBC); #ChicoPaolo (TBC); Mladiinfo Montenegro.

Conclusions, Approval of Solidalciti Statement and Closing

Distribution of tickets for Networking Aperitif, Prize Draw and Vouchers for drinks or donations to the charity Darkness into Light.

17:30 - 21:00
Networking Aperitif (Venue TBD) with music from #EUSuperGirl and Bohemian Holiday. Prize Draw will take place at 19:00. Prizes include: Participation to the next CEV Capacity Building Conference in Galway, Ireland; Home-Cooked meal for 6 from #WeExist; Interrail Ticket for #DiscoverEU (no age limit); Signed copies of Go Back To Where You Came From! - Refugee Picture Book by Madeleina Kay; Signed Copies of Disco Sour by Giuseppe Porcaro.

To participate, find the registration link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/369568057103017/?active_tab=about or contact Giulia at giulia.bordin[at]cev.be
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Mardi 18 juin 2019 - 10h00 / 23h00


European Volunteer Centre / Centre Européen des Volontaires / CEV

Gabriella Civico
T. 32 (0) 474 064 353