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Wednesday 25 january 2023 - 11h00 / 12h15

InfoPoint Event "Data for Development: The Untapped Potential" 25 January 11am

Join the event "Data for Development: The Untapped Potential" being held virtually and in-person at the InfoPoint of the European Commission Directorate General for International Partnerships in Brussels at 11-12:15pm CET on the 25th January 2023. Please register here.  Speakers will include: Dr Claire Melamed, CEO of the Global Partnership...

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Thursday 08 december 2022 - 18h00 / 22h30

Film festival "Perspectives on Pastoralism" & photo exhibition "An Uncertain World"

🎬 The Perspectives on Pastoralism Film Festival is back in Brussels for a second edition on 8 December, with a panel of experts from three continents and the photo exhibition "An Uncertain World". Dont miss this opportunity to get unique insights into the pastoralist lifestyle and challenges through films, photographs and live...

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Tuesday 22 november 2022 - 18h00 / 20h00

Together for a Just Transition (Brussels-based event)

We are happy to host and invite you to our networking event for just transition experts and changemakers! Get to know other individuals and organisations from Brussels and beyond working to make just transition a reality! Learn about our recently published book A European Just Transition for Better World which includes some of the latest, most...

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Wednesday 09 november 2022 - 19h00 / 22h00

Boat Beats. A climate story telling concert by Nova and Filastine

Boat Beats. A climate story telling concert by Nova and Filastine. ⚓🔱 Tickets here -> https://eventbrite.com/e/boat-beats-a-shipping-storytelling-concert-featuring-filastine-and-nova-tickets-444025039847 Save the date for a cultural climate event during COP27 at Mundo Madou, Brussels, featuring travelling artists...

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Wednesday 09 november 2022 - 15h00 / 17h00

LEAD! Final International Conference: Achieving inclusive and learner centred schools

Join us in the Final International Conference to share best practices, lessons learned, new solutions and innovative approaches to identifying and defeating the barriers that students with Specific Learning Difficulties meet at school with top level decision makers and civil society organisations. Participation is free but registration is...

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Tuesday 25 october 2022 - 10h00 / 17h00

☕ and 🎂 for 11.11.11

Trias is co-supporting the 11.11.11 campaign which this year revolves around climate injustice 💚  So come and join us on Tuesday 25 October between 10-17h for a nice piece of cake or pie in the dining area on the first floor of Mundo-madou.  We only ask you to make a small donation to the campaign in return. How much you donate is...

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Tuesday 08 november 2022 / Wednesday 09 november 2022

Marketing strategies to reinforce your fundraising (inspiration session)

This session is given in English. Marketing and fundraising are often mentioned together. And rightly so, because they can track together seamlessly. Marketing is the driving force behind engaging and motivating donors, fundraising is the art of optimising donors and gifts.How do you bring both disciplines together? At best, fundraisers have an...

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