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Friday 21 june 2024 - 20h00 / 21h30

Book Launch : "Enough: Thriving Societies Beyond Growth" (Brussels)

Having lived our entire lives in societies targeting constant economic growth, it can be hard to imagine thriving alternatives. However, it is increasingly clear that growth-centered models, such as the current European Green Deal, fall short of providing ecological and social justice for Europe and the world. Join us at this book launch to...

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Thursday 18 april 2024 - 17h30 / 19h30

Networking Reception on 18 Avril around the EU Elections 2024

The Lifelong Learning Platform, in cooperation with the European Parliament and their DG for Communication, is pleased to invite Mundo members to a networking reception in Mundo Trône, on 18 April 2024. The reception will serve as a hub for ideas with a view on the upcoming European Elections: what are different civil society organisations...

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Tuesday 26 september 2023 - 10h00 / 14h00

EVENT - CoachMIL Creative Approaches to Media and Information Literacy

Registration is open for our CoachMIL event on Creative Approaches to Media and Information Literacy Date: 26 September from 10:00 to 14:00 Location: Press Club, Rue Froissart 95, 1040 Brussels The panel discussion will aim to expose alternative and creative approaches, outside of formal education, to media and information literacy, but also...

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Wednesday 28 june 2023 - 10h30 / 12h00

Tracing (Dis)Trust in the Run Up to the European Elections: Attitudes towards political institutions

Join us for this roundtable discussion that delves into the attitudes of youth and adults towards governments and institutions at different levels of governance, with a specific focus on the topics of trust and distrust. The roundtable discussion will include two presentations of exclusive preliminary research findings, offering...

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Monday 19 june 2023 - 14h00 / 16h30

Local authorities supporting energy communities : Sharing experience on citizen engagement

Invitation to a participatory workshop REScoop.eu, Energy Cities and Centre Val-de-Loire Region are inviting you to a round table session on citizen engagement. Come and share your experience in engaging a diverse audience into energy projects! The event will bring together representatives of several initiatives where citizens and local authorities...

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