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Call for consultants: Research on Global Gateway and Inequalities

CONCORD is seeking to recruit a consultant or team of consultants to conduct research into Global Gateway projects of the European Union (EU) in partner countries and analyse their potential to reduce inequalities.

For more details, including on the methodology,  please make sure to read the longer version of this call here.

CONCORD is an equal opportunity employer and considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, colour, religion and belief, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected status. All employment decisions are made entirely on merit. All qualified applicants are strongly encouraged to apply regardless of their national origin,  race, colour, disabilities, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or age.



When launching the Global Gateway initiative at the end-2021, the European Commission committed to offering a values-based alternative, different from those of other major powers. Global Gateway was set to focus on narrowing the global infrastructure gap through sustainable investments in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As stated in the dedicated Joint Communication:

Global Gateway tackles todays most pressing global challenges from climate change and sustainable development to health security, gender equality and education systems.

Over the past months, CONCORD and other civil society partners have expressed concern about the implementation of Global Gateway and its implications for the EUs international cooperation as a whole.

Even though private financing is not new in international cooperation, Global Gateways focus on the private sector could exacerbate existing inequalities by prioritising financial gains over positive social or environmental impacts. This concurs with a lack of transparency and accountability in the deployment of Global Gateway, in particular when it comes to how the private sector and international development banks are involved. Furthermore, using ODA to leverage private finance and favouring private investments over public ones may lead to a decrease in already scarce public finance for sustainable development. 

Aims and objectives

Despite the worrisome trends, some signs offer hope that there is momentum for the inequalities angle to be further affirmed in the rollout of Global Gateway. As CONCORD, we want to seize the momentum offered by the focus of some European Commission services on inequalities to ensure that the development and implementation of Global Gateway delivers on reducing inequalities

Based on the knowledge gathered over the past years around inequalities and on the effects of private sector investments, and drawing on new findings through the interactions with all stakeholders, notably communities and partners in implementation countries, we want to expose whether Global Gateway projects with a stated goal of tackling inequalities do have a comprehensive process in place to actually reach the bottom 40% of the wealth distribution and other marginalised groups, the gaps in the implementation process and what is further needed to turn such commitment into reality.

Mission and deliverables

We are recruiting a consultant or team of consultants to perform both desk and field research, the latter consisting of visits to two or three Global Gateway projects CONCORD will be selecting. They will produce the following two deliverables:

  • Deliverable 1: A short report (around six to eight pages) analysing the process in place regarding tackling inequalities in two to three ongoing Global Gateway EFSD+ projects, based on the fieldwork observations and interactions (interviews, meetings, focus groups) with stakeholders involved, as well as the communities and the groups supposed to be served by those projects, with a focus on the 40% of the wealth distribution and other marginalised groups.
  • Deliverable 2: A roadmap/guide  for equality in Global Gateway EFSD+ projects (maximum four pages, which will be both a guidance tool for stakeholders involved in implementing the projects (EU officials, private sector, IFIs/DFIs) to address and tackle inequalities more effectively and a tool for advocacy, empowering civil society to contrast Global Gateway projects against their actual ability to address and tackle inequalities. The consultant(s) will develop the roadmap building both on an initial outline that will have been developed by CONCORD beforehand as well as the results of field work.

Please, check the methodology in the longer version of this call, available here.



Total consultancy budget: €14,000 or 17,000 maximum (+/- 32 or 39 working days, depending on the number of Global Gateway projects selected).

Travel expenses associated with field research (transportation, accommodation and per diem) will be covered by CONCORD.


Skills and qualifications

The consultant or team of consultants are expected to have:


  • Proven understanding and knowledge of:
    • The EUs Global Gateway initiative and the trends regarding private sector involvement in international cooperation.
    • EU international cooperation policies, programmes and funding. In particular, good knowledge of EFSD+ is required.
    • Inequalities with a multidimensional and intersectional focus and how to address them through international cooperation, including through markers; knowledge of the EUs new Inequality Marker (I-Marker) would be an asset.
    • Gender equality and mainstreaming it in programme analysis;
    • The role of sustainable and inclusive businesses, notably social economy entities, for sustainable development and in international cooperation.
  • Excellent qualitative research skills, including conducting interviews and focus groups.
  • Excellent multicultural skills and experience conducting field research in Africa, Latin America and/or Asia.
  • Excellent English writing and speaking skills; ability to write about complex issues in an engaging manner.
  • Fluency in Spanish; fluency in French would be highly desirable.


  • Proof of similar pieces of work conducted.
  • Experience working with partners from other countries and regions;
  • Excellent professional references.

Indicative timeline (subject to adaptations)

  • End of October beginning of November: kick-off meeting with CONCORD so that the consultant(s) can better understand CONCORDs expectations, positions and goals.
  • Beginning of November: Desk research by the consultant(s). 
  • November-January: Field work by the consultant(s).
  • 15 February 2024: Deadline first draft report and roadmap for the consultant(s).
  • 15 March 2024: General deadline / end date for the report. 

Application procedure

To apply, please read the longer version of this call and upload to our website, and in one single PDF, the following documents by Wednesday, 18 October 2023, 23:59 Brussels time (CET):

  • A CV outlining your relevant expertise for this assignment. Teams of consultants should submit the CVs of all consultants involved, in one single file;
  • A short proposal (max 1 page) on how you will undertake the research (work plan and methodology, based on the indications given in the longer version of this call) and a price quote (budget) within the maximum budgets indicated above;
  • Professional references and/or proofs of similar consultancy work undertaken.

After reviewing the applications, a round of interviews may be organised on the week of 23rd October.

If you have any questions, you may contact Borja Arrue (borja.arrue@concordeurope.org).

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Tuesday 03 october 2023 / Wednesday 18 october 2023


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