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Marketing strategies to reinforce your fundraising (inspiration session)

This session is given in English.

Marketing and fundraising are often mentioned together. And rightly so, because they can track together seamlessly. Marketing is the driving force behind engaging and motivating donors, fundraising is the art of optimising donors and gifts.How do you bring both disciplines together?

At best, fundraisers have an ingrained marketing reflex but just as often there is no time to think about deploying marketing techniques to reach, inspire and positively connect donors to your brand and story.

In this session, we will explore:

  • The exciting and varied marketing landscape.
  • How marketing can contribute to a layered and successful fundraising strategy
  • What trends are driving the marketing landscape today
  • What we can learn and adopt from tools and techniques to trigger donor engagement and how we can effectively connect with our target audiences, optimise that relationship without driving donors away.

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Mardi 08 novembre 2022 / Mercredi 09 novembre 2022


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