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Mundo madou

Our unique facilities are available all week long for events or meetings related to social change and sustainable development 

Mundo Madou welcomes you in a green area in downtown Brussels, between the Arts-Loi and Madou metro stations

  • 7 meeting rooms
  • 1 conference room
  • 2 video-conference rooms
  • 1 restaurant


  • Artemisia: conference room up to 100 persons (CAT E). Modular furniture to adapt to your events. Equipped with 8 wireless microphones and two screens.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, this room can be divided into 2 smaller rooms by a movable partition:
  • Artemisia Annua: 20 people (CAT B)
  • Artemisia Alba: 24 people (CAT C) equipped with a video-conference

  • Hibiscus: 16 persons (CAT B) equipped with a video-conference
  • Oxalis: 17 persons (CAT B) 
  • Cosmos: 14 persons (CAT B)
  • Aloe-Vera: 12 persons (CAT B)
  • Sambucus : 6 persons (CAT A) - equipped with a large whiteboard and comfortable armchairs.
  • Calendula: 4 persons (CAT A)
  • Capucine: 4 persons (CAT A)

Below, you can find the pricing, terms and conditions, an overview of our meetingrooms as well as the reservation form.


  • Organic & fairtrade catering service on site: hello@tandemcafe.be
  • Professional equipmentprojector, microphone & speaker, flipchart, internet, telephone
  • Support team at your disposal


  • A modern site located in Brussels center
  • A restaurant
  • Rental by the hour or day
  • Price: from €30/h VAT included

More info :  info@mundo-madou.org or call +32 (0) 2 329 00 00 (9:00-12:30 // 1:30-5:00) 


Mundo Madou has been awarded the Green Key label, which recognizes owners and managers who contribute to a socially and ecologically just society. 

Our establishment meets high standards in the areas of management (personnel, administration, communication, policy), waste, energy, food, mobility, water and green space management, as well as cleaning.

Green Key guarantees the customer that the chosen establishment systematically maintains a low ecological footprint. Anyone who, as a leisure consumer, wishes to take the "sustainability" of our planet into account can visit a Green Key venue with complete peace of mind.



Meeting and conference rooms: 8Capucine & Calendula
Meeting and conference rooms: Sambucus - Brainstorming room
Meeting and conference rooms: Artemisia whole room - Modular furniture. Adapts to your needs
Meeting and conference rooms: Artemisia Alba - modular and equipped with a videoconference system
Meeting and conference rooms: Aloe-Vera
Meeting and conference rooms: Cosmos
Meeting and conference rooms: Hibiscus
Meeting and conference rooms: Oxalis