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Mundo madou

Our unique facilities are available all week long for events or meetings related to social change and sustainable development 

Mundo Madou welcomes you in a green area in downtown Brussels, between the Arts-Loi and Madou metro stations

  • 7 meeting rooms
  • 1 conference room
  • 2 video-conference rooms
  • 1 restaurant


  • Artemisia: conference room up to 100 persons (CAT E). Modular furniture to adapt to your events. Equipped with 8 wireless microphones and two screens.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, this room can be divided into 2 smaller rooms by a movable partition:
  • Artemisia Annua: 20 people (CAT B)
  • Artemisia Alba: 24 people (CAT C) equipped with a video-conference

  • Hibiscus: 16 persons (CAT B) equipped with a video-conference
  • Oxalis: 17 persons (CAT B) 
  • Cosmos: 14 persons (CAT B)
  • Aloe-Vera: 12 persons (CAT B)
  • Sambucus : 6 persons (CAT A) - equipped with a large whiteboard and comfortable armchairs.
  • Calendula: 4 persons (CAT A)
  • Capucine: 4 persons (CAT A)

Below, you can find the pricing, terms and conditions, an overview of our meetingrooms as well as the reservation form.


  • Organic & fairtrade catering service on site: hello@tandemcafe.be
  • Professional equipmentprojector, microphone & speaker, flipchart, internet, telephone
  • Support team at your disposal


  • A modern site located in Brussels center
  • A restaurant
  • Rental by the hour or day
  • Price: from €30/h VAT included

More info :  info@mundo-madou.org or call +32 (0) 2 329 00 00 (9:00-12:30 // 1:30-5:00) 



Meeting and conference rooms: Capucine and Calendula - CAT A - Suitable for small meetings or interviews
Meeting and conference rooms: Sambucus - CAT A - Brainstorming room
Meeting and conference rooms: Artemisia whole room - CAT E - Modular furniture. Adapts to your needs
Meeting and conference rooms: Artemisia Alba - CAT C - modular and equipped with a video-conference system
Meeting and conference rooms: Aloe-Vera - CAT B
Meeting and conference rooms: Cosmos - CAT B
Meeting and conference rooms: Hibiscus - CAT B
Meeting and conference rooms: Oxalis - CAT B