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Mundo madou

In Mundo-madou, you'll find tailor-made offices and meeting rooms, services included. The fifth and largest Mundo-centre is made to measure for for its inhabitants: NGO's, social companies and non-profit organisations. 

Included in the price (among other things):
  • access to all meeting rooms in the centre and the communal areas (terrace, cafeteria, shower, kitchens etc)
  • IT-package
  • telephone line
  • shared printer (full option)
  • waste and recycling management
  • all utilities (electricity, water, heating) and cleaning
  • activities and communication means
  • the possibility to have your registered address in Mundo

Looking for a price offer or do you want to plan a visit?

All the offices in Mundo-madou are currently occupied. Mundo-Lab manages two other centres in Brussels: Mundo-b and Mundo-j. If you wish to be contacted about vacancies for an office of the right size, please fill out the questionnaire attached to this page and send it to eline (at) mundo-lab (dot) org with your question.